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I am Assistant Professor at University Carlos III of Madrid (Uc3m), where I got the PhD in Telematic Engineering in 2013, and the Master in Telematic Engineering in 2009. During the last seven years I have been working on research within the Pervasive Computing Lab at Uc3m, focusing on problems related to systems and information security. On these topics, I have (co)authored +35 papers in prestigious international journals and conferences such as IEEE Security & Privacy, IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics or IEEE PerCom. I also enjoyed a pre-doctoral research stay at NEC Laboratories Europe in Heidelberg and a post-doctoral period at Technische Universität Darmstadt (TUDA) in 2014. My research interests in the long term are: digital identity management, trust/reputation models, computational risk and security metrics. On the teaching side, I have been lecturing since 2008 in different degrees and masters at Uc3m including Telecommunications Engineering, Telematics Engineering and Computer Science. Imparted courses cover topics such as cybersecurity and cryptography, computer networks, network programming, and web technologies.

Password Manager Usability

In our daily lives using IT systems there is an undeniable pattern that is routinely repeated: access to a huge number of password-protected services. In this regard, though deploying and enforcing strong password policies is a mean to increase security against online breaches and data leaks, it also imposes a significant usability burden for users. […]