Secure store and forward proxy for dynamic IoT applications over M2M networks

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Create Date March 7, 2017
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Internet of Things (IoT) applications are expected to generate a huge unforeseen amount of traffic flowing from Consumer Electronics devices to the network. In order to overcome existing interoperability problems, several standardization bodies have joined to bring a new generation of Machine to Machine (M2M) networks as a result of the evolution of wireless sensor/actor networks and mobile cellular networks to converged networks. M2M is expected to enable IoT paradigms and related concepts into a reality at a reasonable cost. As part of the convergence, several technologies preventing new IoT services to interfere with existing Internet services are flourishing. Responsive, message-driven, resilient and elastic architectures are becoming essential parts of the system. These architectures will control the entire data flow for an IoT system requiring sometimes to store, shape and forward data among nodes of a M2M network to improve network performance. However, IoT generated data have an important personal component since it is generated in personal devices or are the result of the observation of the physical world, so rises significant security concerns. This article proposes a novel opportunistic flexible secure store and forward proxy for M2M networks and its mapping to asynchronous protocols that guarantees data confidentialitym2m_proxy_rencryption-v0.5 _dds_revised_version

About Daniel Diaz Sanchez

Daniel Díaz Sánchez obtained his Telecommunication Engineering Degree from Carlos III University of Madrid in 2003. He joined the Telematic Engineering Department in 2004 as a researcher cooperating with Pervasive Computing Laboratory team in some European Projects as Ubisec and Trust-es. He continued with his research activities while he prepared his MsC and Ph.D degree. He obtained the MSC degree in Telematics in 2006 and his Ph.D in 2008. Now he is an associate professor of the Telematic Engineering Department. In 2009 he was given an especial PhD award from Universidad Carlos III and the best Ph.D thesis award on electronic commerce from La Caixa as part of the awards promoted by the Official Telecommunication Engineering Association. Daniel is member of IEEE and co-author of approximately 50 international publications. Among those publications there are contributions to Computer Networks, Telecommunication System Journal and Transactions on Consumer Electronics. Besides, he contributed also to several conferences organized by IEEE, ACM and IFIP. He contributed as researcher in some European projects as Ubisec, Netlab, EasyWireless, Planets or Trust-es and local projects as those financed by Spanish Ministry or the state of Madrid. Among his other research activities, he cooperates with industry partners in technology transfer projects Specialties: My research interests are focused on Pervasive Computing Security. The aim is to provide a seamless secure interaction infrastructure for personal limited devices, to overcome security protocol limitations, especially for content protection, and to provide service enablers to access services in a secure fashion in high distributed networks (Identity management with a special focus on user-centric Id).

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